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Digestive Health Enzymes - Chicken Flavored

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Discover these veterinarian recommended digestive health enzymes that are more than just a probiotic.A Advanced probiotics that improve digestion, optimize the immune system, and enhance overall health Can help decrease inflammation and promote healing 10x more effective live cells than common probiotic yogurts Helps remove toxins and promotes normal cell growth.A Help ease your dogs digestion while decreasing inflammation, promoting healing, and decreasing stomach upsets with probiotics for dogs from Healers Pet Care. Our custom formula of proteolytic enzymes combined with protease, lipase, Ganeden, along with other key ingredients, provides the perfect balance for improving digestive health. These probiotics for dogs boast an array of other health benefits as well, including healthy teeth and gums, increased antioxidants, reduced bad bacteria growth, reduced minor food sensitivities, and more.