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Passion Flower - Mood Anxiety Stress Sedative & Pain Support* - The Petz Kitchen

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PASSION FLOWER is a vine that grows profusely throughout the tropical Amazon Rain Forests and Rain Forest canopy. It produces edible fruit, classified as a super fruit, super fruit and adaptogen, and produces beautiful dramatic white, pink and purple flowers.

PASSION FLOWERhas been classified by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as Generally Recognized as Safe,? also known as the GRAS qualifier. It's also recognized by the International Pharmacopeia as generally recognized for all life stages, including infants and young children. A GRAS classification is also recognized globally as the gold standard? for safe use for people and animals.

PASSION FLOWERvaries slightly according to culture and continent, it is used worldwide in both traditional and Western medical systems to help address a variety of the same conditional needs related to anxiety, stress, nervousness and for nervous disorders, for general pain and nerve pain relief, for gastrointestinal distress, for muscle spasms, as a mild sedative and as a cardio tonic (to tone and strengthen the heart).

PASSION FLOWER has been well researched for their tonic actions to help relieve stress triggers in the animal body; to help restore emotional balance, to help promote feelings of comfort, security and relaxation by helping to soothe the brain, to help support proper digestion and elimination when stressed, to help relax muscles, to help regulate an elevated heart rate and to help lower blood pressure.

PASSION FLOWER may help reduce stress and anxiety related to travel, thunder and lightning, fireworks or other loud noises, veterinarian, boarding, grooming and day care visits as well as destructive behaviors such as aggression or urine marking and may help reduce motion and car sickness, which animals routinely experience unbeknownst to their pet parents.

PASSION FLOWER does not drug your pet, but instead may help reduce general stress and anxiety related behavioral problems in dogs and cats; may help when dogs and cats are introduced into a new home and/or family; may reduce restlessness, separation anxiety, stress, panting, whimpering, pacing, panic attacks and depression and may help reduce anxiety and fear related to all types of stressful events.

PASSION FLOWER may help reduce pain and stress related to seasonal and chronic allergies, including Allergic Dermatitis, Acute Moist Dermatitis, hot spots, scratching and biting; may help as a cardio tonic to relax a racing heart; helpful for all types of Heart Disease and for its positive effects to help support healthy arterial blood pressure; may help slow the heart in tachycardia; may help regulate arrhythmias; used holistically as a blood clot preventative.

PASSION FLOWER may be used as a general pain reliever and may help reduce symptoms related to osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Degenerative; as a brain tonic for its neuroprotective actions and may help reduce neuro (brain) inflammation; may limit hyper excitable neurons which have been attributed to seizure and epilepsy disorder. May also help reduce the occurrence of asthma attacks; for vertigo, muscle cramps and spasms; may encourage sleep, improve sleep quality and for sleep.

PASSION FLOWER may be ueful for "old dog vertigo" and vestibular disease; as an antispasmodic and digestive tonic to help relax digestive colic, dyspepsia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and is used adjunctively for Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URI), including Bordatella bacterium, feline calicivirus, Mycoplasma and Chlamydia psittaci; for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD); may help promote training ability, focus and performance during competitive events; disorders.

PASSION FLOWER has been used by indigenous peoples for millennia and in developed Westernized countries since the mid 1500's by both people and animals. The historical prevailing uses have been as sedative, anti-spasmodic, tonic and nervine. As cultivation and use spread around the world, historical use grew to include for headaches, for respiratory and digestive problems, insomnia, neuralgia (nerve pain and nerve damage), arrhythmia, eye disorders, for epileptic and seizure disorders and for all types of spasms.


None reported. May cause drowsiness. Possibly contraindicated for pregnant and nursing dogs and cats. Please consult with your vet. Generally recognized as safe for all life stage animals, including puppies and kittens.

Drug Interactions:

None reported.


None reported. May cause drowsiness.

Direction for Use

Add powder to your dog or cat's meal daily.Best if added to canned wet food, home prepared meals and treats, raw, dehydrated or hybrid diets.

Pet's Weight Amount 1x Daily

1-10 lbs 1/8 tsp 11-25 lbs 1/4 tsp 26-50 lbs 1/2 tsp 51-75 lbs 3/4 tsp 76+ lbs 1 tsp Use for at least 30 days to see initial results.