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Premium Organic Fallen Comrades

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Cat Treats

Oh, our Fallen Comrades- possibly our most beloved product. These are the buds that were shook loose or fell off of the stem when trimming and packing the Sublime Buds. They might not have completed their mission but know that they are just as potent and honorable as their other fellows that made it. As they don’t quite look as “pretty" as the buds, we pack them up - as much as these glass latched jars will hold- and offer them for a rockin good price! How to use our catnip: we recommend that you keep your catnip stored in it's airtight bag, in the fridge or freezer for maximum length of potency. All your cat needs is a PINCH in between your finger and thumb! Yup, that's all! Just rub your fingers together to release all the oils stored in the catnip. You can either just drop the catnip on the ground, put it in or on a toy, or if you want to correct some unwelcome behaviors (such as stopping some furniture scratching) put that magical little pinch of stinky goodness onto a scratching post right next to your furniture and...voila! The attraction begins and bad behaviors will cease! Cats do NOT respond well to negative enforcement- they just think you are being mean and scary- but give them something they like and they respond just the way you want!