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Premium Organic Fine Ground Catnip

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Cat Treats
Our Fine Ground Catnip is the same as our popular Leaf & Flower blend, but finer ground and just as potent! It is offered in a 1.25 oz. bag. Read about our Leaf & Flower catnip, how we process our plants and recommended uses!
Our Leaf & Flower Catnip is our "original shake"- a ground mixture of only the leaves and flowers from the catnip plant. We try to filter out as much of the stalk as possible because the stalk has none of the nepetalactone that attracts the cats! So our Leaf & Flower Catnip is a very potent blend, something you will notice when you examine our catnip.
How to use our catnip: we recommend that you keep your catnip stored in it's airtight bag, in the fridge or freezer for maximum length of potency. All your cat needs is a PINCH in between your finger and thumb! Yup, that's all! Just rub your fingers together to release all the oils stored in the catnip. You can either just drop the catnip on the ground, put it in or on a toy, or if you want to correct some unwelcome behaviors (such as stopping some furniture scratching) put that magical little pinch of stinky goodness onto a scratching post right next to your furniture and...voila! The attraction begins and bad behaviors will cease! Cats do NOT respond well to negative enforcement- they just think you are being mean and scary- but give them something they like and they respond just the way you want!