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Premium Organic Silvervine Tin

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Cat Treats
Silvervine - This has to be the strangest product we carry but honestly one of the most popular items cats just can't get enough of! Silvervine is a small fruit grown in Asia (cousin to the Kiwi fruit! How odd!) that is the Eastern equivalent to catnip. The powder is noted in various studies to have a higher effectiveness rate on cats than catnip anywhere from 75-90%, whereas catnip’s effectiveness rate is somewhere between 65-85%. It is offered in a screw top metal tin so your cat can't pull the Shady card once they find out how much they LOVE Silvervine! We also offer a sample size of Silvervine as part of our Sampler Set.
What do you DO with Silvervine???
Well, it's pretty much the same as catnip, but no need to rub between your fingers to release the essential oils! Just take a small pinch between your fingers and either put it in the lid of the tin and set it down and your cat will lick it up and get sillier than silly, or you can put that same small amount in a toy, on a toy, on a scratch post or the floor! A little pinch goes a long way and this tin will last a very long time! Just make sure you screw the lid on tight because your cat(s) will love this odd, brown, crumbly stuff! You've been warned ;)