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Soothed & Serene - All Systems Anxiety, Calming & Stress Support* Dogs & Catss & Cats*

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Animal Vitamins & Supplements
All Systems Calming and Stress Support* (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Soothed and Serene contains novel adaptogen, naturally occurring plant chemicals, including azulene, valeranone, borneol and valereal oils, alkaloids, flavonoids and triterpenes, used holistically for its calming and nervine effects; to help relax the autonomic, Central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems; plus to help relax the endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive, excretory and respiratory systems; also used holistically as a mild sedative and alternative to benzodiazepine drugs.

Soothed and Serene may help reduce feelings of uneasiness, restlessness, excitability, nervous stomach cramps and spasms; may help reduce stressful situations such as boarding, grooming, daycare, vet visits, traveling, separation anxiety, visiting guests; traumatic events including electrical and thunder storms; may help reduce pain and symptoms related to seasonal allergies and symptoms of scratching and biting; for stress, sadness, whimpering, trembling, shivering, panting, pacing, depression, grief and lack of concentration. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Soothed and Serene may help relax neural pathways, and other holistic indications include use to help reduce epilepsy, seizures (generalized and partial) and as an anti-spasmodic; for "old dog vertigo," also known as vestibular disease; may help reduce destructive behaviors including urine marking, excessive scratching, aggression and for pets left alone. * As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Also used therapeutically to help in instances where lack of concentration or need for focus and mental acuity is required as well as to help improve the performance of dogs and cats in competitive events. Soothed and Serene is used holistically as a cardiac tonic to help address symptoms of Heart Disease, including Dysautonomia (problems with the regulation of heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and perspiration); may help reduce blood pressure, may slow the heart in tachycardia; may regulate arrhythmia and may act as a blood clot preventative. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Other holistic indications include use to help with symptoms related to hyperthyroidism; may help normalize sleep patterns and reduce insomnia; may help reduce digestive colic, dyspepsia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease; may help reduce symptoms related to osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease; may help reduce symptoms related to Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, (FIV); may help relieve urinary tract infections; as a heartworm adjunctive. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Last but not lease, because Soothed and Serene may help relax neural pathways and helps protect the blood brain barrier, important in cases of cognitive decline and may be useful for neurological inflammation, peripheral neuropathy and neuralgia, Alzheimer's and dementia; may help mitigate Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD); may help address pain and symptoms associated with Shingles, Fibromyalgia, sciatica, Multiple Sclerosis and for vertigo.*(* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for use under a traditional medical system)

Recommended Use

ALS, Adult, Senior, Puppy, Kitten; for sudden or ongoing stress (internal or external), for fatigue and reduced stamina, as a general supplement, for working animals, for endocrine and whole system support, for all life stage animals.


Gelatin capsules, Contains a proprietary herbal blend which includes plants such as Valerian Root.

Turkey flavored capsules.

Our capsules are certified Kosher and Halal, and meet all requirements of European Pharmacopoeia (EP), and the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).


None known. Use is not recommended for pets that are pregnant or nursing. If your pet is scheduled for surgery, use of Valerian Root should be discontinued at least 2 weeks prior as it slows down the Central Nervous System. Anesthesia and other medications used during surgery affect the central nervous system and may be harmful when combined with Valerian Root. Do not use with other drugs that have sedative effects.

Drug Interactions

Do not use with prescription medications such as diazepam (Valium) or amitriptyline (Elavil). While no significant drug interactions have been reported, Valerian Root may potentiate sedative effects of barbiturates, anesthetics, and CNS depressants. Use caution if your pet is using other medications for anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, muscle relaxants, pain medicine or other medications that cause drowsiness as these drugs may increase drowsiness and dizziness if combined with Valerian Root.


Do not use if your pet is pregnant. Valerian should never be given to animals that are about to be bred. Use caution if your cat/dog has low blood pressure, low blood sugar or has heart problems. Valerian should be stopped two weeks prior to surgery because it may interact with anesthesia. It must be noted that administering a higher dosage of this sensitive herb may lead to intestinal problems. Exceeding suggested dosages can cause side effects such as headache, excitability, uneasiness, and even insomnia in some dogs/cats. If suggested dosages are exceeded, your pet may also appear sluggish. Do not exceed suggested dosages.

Dosage(please confirm dosage according to life stage of dog or cat) Dogs and cats up to 12 pounds: 1/2 capsule, one time daily. Dogs and cats 13-25 pounds: 1/2 capsule, two times daily. Dogs and cats 26-50 pounds: 1 capsule, two times daily.Dogs 51+ pounds: 2 capsules, two times daily.